How Much Does it Cost to Install Garage Door

When you own one or two cars, it is highly recommended to have a garage where you can safely keep your vehicles and you do care about the garage door installation cost. However, what good does a garage do if the door is not working well? One of the best solutions to address this issue is to install a new garage door. This can actually be done by the homeowner for nine hours if he or she has the basic knowledge in carpentry.

But if you want to get professional services to work on the installation to get the work done in just five hours, the cost of garage door roughly starts from $400 to $3,000, depending on what kind of door is appropriate. Apparently, the job entails advanced skills in carpentry and adequate knowledge on electronic systems for households.

Typically, the garage door price will include the following:

Hiring a Contractor For Garage Door Installation

If you decide to employ professional services, then you must hire an expert who can do the job for you. As much as possible, get in touch with at least three different agencies and acquire their respective quotes that will present you with garage door replacement price, different types of garage doors and electronic opener installation costs.Garage door lock

Here are some of the standard garage door installation prices that you may want to know.

– For single tilt-up models, the installation cost is between $400 and $700.

– If you choose to have single roll-up models, you get to spend from $800 to $1,000 for the installation.

– To get the custom roll-up models, the initial installation price is $1,200 to $,2000.

– And for solid wood custom models, it is between $2,500 and $3,000 to get the installation or replacement done.

Features of Garage Door Styles

In addition to the details on the door types mentioned above, it is also important to look at other features for your cost of garage door work. These include:

– the door’s windows to provide light inside the garage

– the utilization of decorative frames that could either be steel or wood to add design and security

– insulation for energy cost reduction the may go down by 15 to 20 percent

Getting Garage Door Openers

Moreover, the door needs to have openers, too. Automatic garage door opener’s  prices vary, starting from $150 to $300 for the installation. Another $50 is spent for secure automatic openers, adding the amount to the total project cost.

But according to DIY Or Not, the service charge for garage door installation is $421, which already includes the cost of labor and material. The price is set for the replacement of an electric garage door opener used in a conventional garage for two cars.

If you are capable of doing the job yourself, you can spend $210 to have a new garage door opener, saving 50 percent of your money for professional services. Just make sure you have the basic tools and equipment, like adjustable wrench, carpenter’s level, drill driver, hack saw, hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, socket wrench, tape measure, wire stripper and also a ladder, to get the whole work done.

Additional Garage Door Costs

Fixr has also provided extra cost of garage door installation that you may want to consider.

Widths that are related to varieties of door styles. You can either have the single-width or the double-width styles. The prices depend on the sizes of the garage doors.

Lighting is your choice. You can opt to have exterior lighting installed while you are in the middle of putting a new garage door.

Steel entry doors can come in a single 3×68 exterior door that already has half-glass and locksets. The initial cost for this feature is $250 and can go up to $1,000 each.

Installing Garage Door Threshold

The threshold or the piece of metal at the bottom of the door is usually getting driven over as the car enters the garage. If you think it needs to be replaced also, then you can have it fixed after the new garage door is secured.

The work is easily done. The person tasked to do the job initially prices off the old threshold from the floor and cleans the spot, making sure it is free of dirt, oil, water and other substances. After that, rubbing alcohol will be applied on the surface.

The handyman prepares and smooths out the weatherstripping material, applies the adhesive, then lays it over in place. For 24 hours, use the garage door’s weight to keep the adhesive intact, sealed and stuck to the floor, making sure that it will not be taken out.

For this extra job, you will spend at least $125 to complete the work. The garage door price already includes the labor cost and materials. But you can also do it yourself by buying a kit of adhesive and weatherstripping for $70, letting you save about 44 percent of the professional service charge.

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Ridley Fitzgerald -

I wasn’t sure how much it would cost to replace our garage door, so thanks for this. I like the single roll up models the most, so I guess I can expect to pay around $1,000. That’s doable, especially when our garage door is this old!


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